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About Americans for a Better Economy

A project of The Atlas Project, Americans for a Better Economy is proud to be the nation’s most effective grassroots-powered opponent of ecosocialism.

Here are just a few of the victories ABE staff have scored for America’s energy and ag producers.

Your most generous donation today will keep them coming and help us win the fight to save our country.

Building Keystone

Working with donors, ABE staff generated comments of support for the Keystone Pipeline to the State Department from 250,000 unique people.

Crushing the Gang Green lobby

Because of ABE staffers in just one state, the radical environmentalist League of Conservation Voters suffered a 12% plunge in their average Legislator Score. In the state Senate, the average Legislator Score collapsed by 33%.
In the last legislative session before ABE staffers started their work, the LCV bragged in their Scorecard about their total control of the Legislature. “We defeated all the bills opposed by the conservation community save one.”


In just three sessions, LCV was lamenting total defeat. “The best we can say about the 2013 Legislative session is ‘it could have been worse.’”

Stopping Gang Green land grabs

In 2011, the Loudoun County, Virginia Board of Supervisors proposed a so-called “Chesapeake Bay Protection Act.”
The ordinance “protected” the Chesapeake Bay from runoff…by making it hideously expensive to build anything on your property if water can pass over it.

It would have shut down homebuilding, farming and other economic activity on thousands of acres across the county.

And it was rocketing toward an easy 6-3 vote for approval.

So we shut the whole thing down.

We began by directly telephoning thousands of Loudoun voters, telling them the truth about the ordinance and directing them to call their supervisors.

The Board was overwhelmed with a tidal wave of opposition that no one else could organize.

We then pressured candidates, demanding they reveal their position on the ordinance.

We shared that information with voters…and it outraged them.

On Election Day, EVERY CANDIDATE who backed the ordinance was defeated.

The supervisor who sponsored the ordinance was supposed to be re-elected easily. Instead, he was beaten by a double-digit margin.

Our program so thoroughly turned the entire county against it, the lame-duck supervisors refused to even vote on it.

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