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Stop the Green New Deal!

Sign here! Americans for a Better Economy will deliver your Petition to your Representative and Senators.

Dear Congress,

George Soros’ so-called “Green New Deal” is a total government takeover of the United States!

His puppets crafted it, and his billions of dollars are pushing it into law, piece by piece!

Under the “Green New Deal” EVERY aspect of my life is now under government control.  What I eat, what I drink, what I wear, what I drive and what I do for a living are all under the total control of a plan that openly admits it wants to eliminate cars, airplanes, meat, coal, oil and natural gas.

Soros’ completely insane “Green New Deal” sends the United States into socialism.

Even worse, it could easily become law!

It was introduced with 67 publicly-endorsed co-sponsors, meaning it instantly starts with almost a third of the votes it needs to pass the House — before you even count those who haven’t yet co-sponsored, or will vote for it without co-sponsoring.

And since Gang Green can’t pass Soros’ insane “Green New Deal” as one big bill, they’re already planning to enact it piece by piece.

Americans for a Better Economy is America’s most effective grassroots-powered opponent of liberal environmentalism.


Fast-growing and hard-hitting, we fight to stop liberalism’s most effective “Trojan Horse” in infiltrating these United States with their radical socialist ideas.

As your constituent, I call on you, my U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators to publicly oppose Soros’ insane “Green New Deal” and pledge in writing to vote against it, and any and all efforts to enact any parts of it.

I, and all of ABE’s fast-growing membership, will be watching what you do.


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