Sign here to pass the REINS Act !

To my U.S. Senators and Representative,

Unelected, unaccountable, career D.C. bureaucrats have the power to make up and enforce their own laws.


These regulations, imposed without the consent of Congress, are costing Americans billions of dollars in wasteful, abusive costs.


Some of these handed-down regulations are even radical ideas rejected by Congress.  How can unelected, unaccountable, career D.C. bureaucrats enact their own laws Congress rejected?


The REINS Act takes away the power of unelected bureaucrats to make up and enforce their own laws, by calling them regulations.


Under the REINS Act, no major regulations would take effect unless passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by the President. In other words, if it’s enforced as a law, it must be passed as a law. No more Regulation Without Representation.


The REINS Act easily passed the House in previous Congresses. 

But now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are blocking a vote on the REINS Act.  


I stand with the grassroots supporters of Americans for a Better Economy in calling on you to


1) Immediately co-sponsor the REINS Act, and

2) Sign a discharge petition to bring the REINS Act to the House floor for a vote,

3) Demand Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer immediately bring the REINS Act to the Senate floor for a recorded vote, and
4) Vote in favor of the REINS Act.


I, and every supporter of Americans for a Better Economy, will be watching what you do.



Thank you for signing! - Donald