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About Donny Ferguson

· Ferguson’s messaging strategy is one that can “cling tightly to its principle and still fit comfortably in the political mainstream.” – The Kansas City Star
· “Freshman representatives usually aren’t able to single-handedly drive the debate on the issues, but most freshmen aren’t quite so media savvy.” – Twitchy
· “Ferguson has a method, and obviously he’s had some success. The fact that he’s been able to generate so much publicity for a little known Congressman who won’t be returning to office is admirable.” – Rare, “Meet Donny Ferguson, king of the Drudge hit”
· “The John Wayne of liberty, Donny Ferguson, is the man fighting totalitarian environmentalists with his six-shooter and his new 501(c)(4) group, Americans for a Better Economy, that works to defend oil, gas and ranching industries. ” – The Libertarian Republic, “The 10 Hottest Libertarian Men”
· “(Ferguson) should be commended for running an honest, intelligent and issue-oriented campaign and for challenging an entrenched incumbent to grapple publicly with the many difficulties facing this area, especially growing congestion, increasing taxes and educational funding.” – The Reston Times 


Born and raised in Texas, Donny Ferguson now lives in Washington, D.C. where he helps lead the national fight against socialism.

Ferguson spent 13 years as a Chief of Staff and adviser for the Loudoun County (Va.) Board of Supervisors, where he drafted proposals to cut the $1.6 billion budget by hundreds of millions of dollars and privatize entire agencies.

As campaign manager of three Loudoun campaigns, he helped a staunchly conservative Republican win three times in a 67 percent Democrat district.

He then served as Executive Director of American Tradition Partnership, a national conservative grassroots organization dedicated to defending and promoting property rights and pro-growth energy and environmental policies.
Running federal operations in D.C., in three short years he helped collect 250,000 petitions in support of the Keystone Pipeline and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case expanding Citizens United to the states.

Ferguson also served as Senior Communications and Policy Adviser in the United States House of Representatives, operating one of Capitol Hill’s most effective media operations.

He successfully commandeered media attention for the Democrats’ “SNAP Challenge,” successfully beating the challenge to live for seven days on a $4.50 daily food budget by going 10 days on $3.94 a day.

He created the “Obama Failometer” which visually measured the failures of Obama economic policies, and pioneered the use of Twitter to bypass and control the D.C. media.  Roll Call magazine named him in its “7 Must-Follow Lawmakers on Twitter” and “10 Most Quotable Members of Congress,” making sure to note he is not actually a member of Congress.

In Congress Ferguson also helped break through GOP leadership efforts to block the formation of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  The grassroots pressure Ferguson helped direct on Leadership forced the formation of the Committee, whose findings led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

He has also been a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, earning the top 21% of the vote running as a Libertarian.

Ferguson is now President of Americans for a Better Economy, which organizes nationwide grassroots support for pro-growth energy, environmental and agricultural policies.

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