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No Paris Climate Scheme!
My Petition to Congress

To my U.S. Representative:

The United Nation's "Paris climate agreement" isn't about climate.  It's about control.


The intent is to use so-called "climate change" to attack the U.S. economy, weaken our competitiveness and force Americans to pay billions to overseas regimes.


It blames Americans for the weather, but lets super-polluters like Communist China get off free!

Now, Joe Biden is throwing the U.S. back in to it, even though this international agreement was never ratified by Congress!


That's why Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Congressman Chip Roy introduced the "Paris Agreement Constitutional Treaty Act" and "No Taxpayer Funding for Paris Climate Agreement Act" which prohibits any action being taken, or any taxpayer money from being spent, enforcing the Paris climate scheme.

I refuse to lose my job, my country or my freedoms to the United Nations.

As your constituent, I call on you to co-sponsor HR 376, the "
Paris Agreement Constitutional Treaty Act," and HR 420, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Paris Climate Agreement Act," and demand a roll call vote on them and vote in favor of passage.



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