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Tell Congress: Support Chip Roy for Conference Chair!

Tell Congress!

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Dear Representative,

Republican members will soon be asked to support a candidate for Conference Chair -- which helps set congressional policy.

And the two likely choice -- New York liberal Elise Stefanik and Texas conservative Chip Roy -- are very different.

Stefanik -- highly rated by numerous Soros-backed groups -- repeatedly votes in favor of liberal environmentalist schemes.

She blames America for "climate change."  She voted with liberals against the 2017 tax cuts.

She even voted with liberals when they accused President Donald Trump of stealing mailboxes to rig the election!

But Texas conservative Chip Roy has a 100% pro-energy, pro-growth, free-market record.

He's one of the few in Congress to vote against every ecosocialist scheme.

He even calls out Republicans when they spend like liberals.

Taking back America begins by rejecting liberalism and ecosocialism.

I, and other supporters of Americans for a Better Economy, demand you support Chip Roy for House Conference Chair.

We will be watching what you do, and will hold you accountable.

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